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Sunday Stash Report: 3/11/18

As I often say, lots of sewing but only one small finish. I made these twelve donation blocks for Kat’s March/April block drive. They used two yards of fabric.

But I didn’t buy any fabric, so that helps.

This week: + 0 yards, – 2 yards

This year: + 33.75 yards, – 46.50 yards

Net destashed added in 2018: 12.75 yards

I am continuing to work on this leaders and enders quilt.

I didn’t have enough fabric to miter the borders (so that the colors matched, so I made these cornerstones.

Hope you’ve been using your stash!


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WIP Wednesday: March-Along

I didn’t do very well the first few days of March, but since then I’ve gotten serious about getting in my fifteen minutes of sewing every day, and often more.

First I finished the six grocery bags made from birdseed bags.

Jaye asked how I made these. Over the years, I’ve done it several different ways, sometimes piecing the bags to get a certain size and adding lots of pockets and detail. For these I kept it very simple. I used an old rotary cutter to trim off the top and bottom of each bag, then I sewed a quarter inch from the lower edge, right side out. I turned the bag inside out, and sewed the bottom again (French seam) for strength. Then I sewed across each corner to create a flat bottom.

Then I turned down a “hem” on the top and zigzaged it, catching the denim handles. Finally, I turned the handles up and zigzaged them again for security.

Next, I made a dozen donation blocks for Kat’s March /April block drive for Covered in Love. I had never made the Hunters Star block, and it took me a while to get my brain around it, but after twelve I’m a pro.

Now I’m working on setting these leader-and-enders blocks with ombre fabric. I cut the borders first, then turned the fabric to cut the sashing from the various shades of green. Wish my design wall were bigger!

Hope you’re making lots of progress!

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February / March Goals

March is roaring in here today, so it’s time to check on the goals.

February Goals:

  1. Complete Clue 2 of Charlotte H’s Summer Stars at Fawn Lake . Yes! Cute, tiny units.
  2. Complete and mail current commission quilt. Yes!
  3. Quilt and bind Gold and Green Christmas Quilt . Yes!
  4. Sew up grocery bags from birdseed bags. Mostly. Two are finished and the other four need handles.

Bonus: I made a Quilt of Valor, using the same design as the Christmas quilt.

March Goals:

  1. Participate in March-Along, sponsored by Darla, the Scientific Quilter.
  2. Clue #3, Summer Stars at Fawn Lake.
  3. Make blocks for Kat’s March/April Covered in Love block drive .
  4. Complete donation top using green and white leader-and-enders blocks I’ve completed.

If you haven’t done March-Along before, it’s a fun reminder to do something quilty for fifteen minutes every day during the month of March. We decide what we want to count (I think I spent my time blogging today!), and Darla cheers us on. Come join us!

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S…Monday Stash Report: 2/26/18

Yesterday got away from me, between a birthday celebration and the Closing Ceremonies, but it’s been two weeks since I had anything to report, so I wanted to check in.

No fabric was purchased this week, and I had a big finish with the Quilt of Valor.

This week: + 0 yards, – 10.5 yards

This year: + 33.75 yards, – 44.50 yards

Net destashed added in 2018: 10.75 yards

That’s starting to look a little more into the black!

We don’t count thread purchases, do we?

And I made 96 of these cuties, all trimmed to perfect 2″ squares, for Summer Stars at Fawn Lake.

Keep using your stash!


Quilt of Valor Finish, #it’llquiltout

These last two weeks I pieced and quilted this quilt for Quilts of Valor. I try to make one every year, but I may have missed last year.

I used the Four-Patch Star tutorialfrom Missouri Star because I had just used it for the Scrappy Stars quilt, was still in the mood, and because it fit the patriotic scraps and yardage I had.

After it was pieced, though, I found a problem. The stars lay flat enough, but the negative areas were billowing in the breeze. Apparently, the trouble was with the main background fabric, off-white with printed white stars. I received it as a prize during a sew-in. It must have been a very inexpensive fabric, and did it ever stretch as it was sewn. Whew!

To correct the problem I did several things.

  • I sprayed the areas with water and steamed them. It didn’t really shrink them much, but it directed the fullness toward the centers.
  • I cut the borders to the “correct” measurements, rather than measure the quilt. I always do this, but this time it was really importan t.
  • I spray-basted this quilt on my Ping Pong table, pushing and tugging until the borders lined up along the edges.
  • I quilted between all the blocks using my walking foot. I don’t do this religiously anymore, but this quilt sure needed it.

I used the same orange peel quilting I had used in the last quilt. I have already planned to, because I thought the “stars” in the negative space would look good, but it really proved to be the perfect motif for controlling fullness. The curved lines directed the fabric toward the center, and then against the seamlines, where I eased or tucked it in.

And flatness ensued. It looks pretty good, aside from some minor tension issues. I’m happy to donate this quilt.

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Sunday Stash Report: 2/11/18

I bought no fabric this week! That’s an improvement. And I finished this Scrappy Stars quilt. Back into the black! Just barely.

This week: + 0 yards, – 8.75 yards

This year: + 33.75 yards, – 34.00 yards

Net destashed added in 2018: .25 yards

Not much, but I’ll take it.

And I bought my studio this very cute tote, as I continue to declutter, dust, etc., a little at a time.

Go sew that stash!


Friday Finish: Scrappy Stars

2018-02-09 15.24.09

I used the last of our rapidly melting snow to photograph this new quilt. This started out as a way to use up some scraps, and it grew from there.

2018-02-09 15.24.18

I used Missouri Star’s Four Patch Star tutorial to make the nine stars in the center. I made my ten inch “layer cake” squares from strings, then cut them apart for the star rays. (The quilting is done with Superior’s Fantastico and Living Colors on top, and Bottom Line on the bottom.)

2018-02-09 15.23.15

That was when this quilt got demanding. It didn’t like the background fabric I had for it, so I had to buy the golden snowflake fabric (on sale!). So much for using my stash. Then it told me it needed a curvy bias design in the border. And then, of course, it needed wavy edges. More bias binding. Sheesh. But I love the result. This is roughly 60″ square.

2018-02-09 15.25.02 close

Where have your quilts been taking you?

I’m linking up to Whoop Whoop Friday at Confessions of a Fabric Addict.