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WIP Wednesday:  Back to the Geese

That last piece of fabric finally arrived, and I was able to complete the flying geese blocks for the custom quilt.  The top is all sewn together now.  Quilting tomorrow.

In the meantime, I finished the rainbow quilt, #quiltsforvegas.  The quilting is straight lines and ribbon candy.

And I made the backing for Pacific Stars, so it will be ready to quilt next.

I hope you’re making lots of progress on your projects!



WIP Wednesday:  Everything!

Everything is in progress, because I can’t finish anything!  I’m waiting on fabric to arrive in the mail.  One packet is fine and I’m sure it will be here soon and on time.  Another, special order, piece seems to be lost in the mail and I’ve started making inquiries.  That’s the one I need to finish up this commissioned quilt that is stuck on my design wall.  While waiting, I’ve made the back and the binding.

Still waiting, I made some string blocks and put together this #quiltforvegas top.  Here’s the post from the Las Vegas Modern Quilt Guild, calling for blocks and quilts.

Also, Quilts of Compassion is collecting quilts for Houston.

After I finished that top (backing is in the other package), I got out the Pacific Stars Mystery Quilt by Charlotte Scott (on Carol’s Quilts blog).  I’ve now completed all the blocks and am assembling the top.  It was mysterious until the end,  and I like it!

I hope you’re making progress and maybe actually completing something!



Layer Cake Explosion: Finished!

I’m happy to show you this finished quilt!  Layer Cake Explosion was the Twilter! quilt-along.  The design is by Angela Gross, and you can find it on Craftsy.

Because I used wider sashing, my quilt measured a whopping 93″ square, which was tough to cram under the machine.  In a moment of particular lunacy, I thought how nice it would look with a double batting…but I quickly regained my sense, and went with just one layer (Pellon’s Nature’s Touch 80/20).  This is a new batting to me, and it was fine, but didn’t seem a lot different from the Warm cotton I usually use.  I did like the careful way it was folded in the package, which made it very easy to trim and position the large batting.  Yes, it would have looked wonderful with double or extra puffy batting, but it’s just fine this way.  Yuri checked.

For once I feel like I did a good job designing the quilting.  I was influenced by Wild Quilting by Christina Cameli, which I watched on the free Craftsy day.  No, I didn’t do improv quilting like she did, but I got her message of echoing things to give them depth.  So where I would usually have made one Orange Peel motif in a block, I echoed each twice.  I also added a line to each of the border circles.  All the quilting on the top is Superior Rainbows 9808, Opal) and the bottom is pink Bottom Line.

By including the sashing with each block, I was trying to quilt 11″ circles, just impossible to control on this bulky quilt.  I knew that, but I wanted to try and I’m glad I did.  Some of it is imperfect, especially near the center, but I still like the interlocking circles.  

The quilting improved greatly when I finally put on my quilting gloves.  I hate them, they’re hot and itchy, but they really worked in this situation.

Allison at Cluck Cluck Sew posted just last week about quilting large quilts.  I agree with almost everything she says (especially about quilting-by-checkbook!), except for spray basting.  It really doesn’t take much to hold the quilt.  You know that I usually use just a little, just barely wafting the spray over the layers.  This time I was concerned about holding this large thing together, so I gave it an extra waft. (Still using that can I started in January.)  I used my Ping Pong table, basting the center first, then moving it to baste each side.  I couldn’t be more pleased with the way it held.  I had no shifting and not a pleat or wrinkle on the back!  I used twelve bobbins of thread to quilt this.

Speaking of the back, somehow this star landed  perfectly in the center.  Notice the quilting from the block on the other side.  Could never do that again!

 It’s important to have a quilt photography assistant who can climb trees.

Thank you, Daisy for leading this project, and Angela for sharing your pattern.

I’ll be linking up to Finish it up Friday at Crazy Mom Quilts, and Whoop Whoop Friday at Confessions of a Fabric Addict.


Sunday Stash and October/November Goals

2017-10-01 11.49.39A finish!  A post about Layer Cake Explosion in a few days.


2017-09-25 13.52.40And… a large amount of fabric came in.  It’s for a commissioned quilt, and I wish I could say that it will all go out again soon, but there will be lots left over that I will need to put to use.  So.

This week:  +  16.5 yard,  – 12.5  yards

This year:  + 81.75 yards,  – 104.75 yards

Net destashed added in 2017:  13.00 yards

So, net destashing needs work, but I have used more than a hundred yards of fabric this year.


September Goals:

  1. Make back for Layer Cake Explosion.  Yes!  And I quilted it!  A post soon.
  2. Make donation blocks for Kat’s September/October block drive.  Yes, I made eighteen.
  3. Continue with Pacific Stars Mystery Quilt.   No, I skipped this.
  4. Customer quilt commission? (in the works)  Not made, but I spent the time discussing, ordering, and washing the fabrics.  Almost ready to sew.

I got on a roll after making the back for Layer Cake Explosion, and got it basted, quilted, and bound.  This was a huge project (93″ square), so I don’t mind that I put off Pacific Stars.  I’ll just be doing lots of work on that this month.


October Goals:

  1. Make last month’s Pacific Stars blocks.
  2. Make this month’s Pacific Stars blocks.
  3. Make commissioned flying geese quilt.
  4. Donate some quilts that are hanging around.


2017-09-01 18.17.07Good luck on all of your goals!  Right now I’m feeling fortunate to have food, water, and power, and I hope you do, too.


Sunday Stash Report: 9/10/2017

2017-09-02 15.00.11Some sewing is happening, but I can only count out the donation blocks I made for Kat’s drive. nd I haven’t purchased any fabric!  So it’s good.

This week:  +  0 yard,  – 2.75  yards

This year:  + 75.25 yards,  – 92.25 yards

Net destashed added in 2017:  17.00 yards

Creeping along!  Just wait till I finish one of these big quilts!

2017-08-27 18.14.23Keep using your stash!


Work in Progress…Thursday!

2017-09-07 13.25.28Hey, Pam posted early this week, so I’ll take the late spot!  I’ve had a great time working on these donation blocks for Kat’s Covered in Love block drive.  You have all of September and October, so there’s lots of time to get involved.  Aren’t the colors beautiful?  And these 18 blocks used 144 of my 3.5″ squares!  (No, you can’t see a difference in the bins…!)

2017-09-07 13.24.04I recommend pressing all your HST seams open.  That makes it easier to see the intersections and reduces bulk.

2017-09-07 13.23.45After those were made, I just laid all the patches out and chain-pieced them.  After a few, I was down to nine minutes each.  Quick, and no pins!  My kind of block!

2017-09-07 14.33.07I’m stopping at 18 blocks, but it’s been a fun break in the large, heavy stuff.  Next up:  a back for Layer Cake Explosion.

Hope you’re making progress!

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August/ September Goals

PicMonkey Collage AugustIt’s Labor Day weekend here in the United States.  It’s been chilly and rainy, and the cats and I are on our own, so it’s perfect for sewing.

I did pretty well on my goals, achieving 3/4 of them.  Layer Cake Explosion took a long time to assemble, and I may take a break from it for a few days.

August Goals:

  1. Finish piecing Layer Cake Explosion.  Yes!
  2. Continue with Pacific Stars.  Yes!
  3. Make Christmas wall hangings for my shop.  Yes!  Here.
  4. Make a scrap quilt for donation.  No.  This did not happen.


September Goals:

  1. Make back for Layer Cake Explosion.
  2. Make donation blocks for Kat’s September/October block drive.
  3. Continue with Pacific Stars Mystery Quilt.
  4. Customer quilt commission? (in the works)


2017-09-02 15.00.11I’ve already pulled the scraps for the donation blocks, so those should be done soon.  These blocks use lots of 3.5″ squares, and I have lots!

Good luck on your goals, and enjoy your sewing time.