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Sunday Stash:  12/3/17

I spent a few hours this week making up this baby quilt from fabrics I had on hand.  I hadn’t expected to use the turquoise and orange Grunge in this, but there it is.  This was cheerful and fun to work on.  It’s quilted with a serpentine stitch where the frames meet the center patches, using Superior’s Twist thread in turquoise, and Bottom Line below.  (It’s also quilted between all the blocks with Bottom Line.)  I would place the stitching differently next time to make the stitches more visible, but, again, there it is.  It does drape better than some of the ones that have more quilting.  You’ll find this in my Etsy shop.

The numbers are a wash, though, because there was some fabric acquisition over Thanksgiving.

 This week:  +  3.25 yards,  – 3.5 yards

This year:  + 106.75 yards,  – 150.0 yards

Net destashed added in 2017:  43.25 yards

Good luck on your destashing! 


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November / December Goals

PicMonkey Collage Nov 2017I was very successful completing my goals this month!  100%, A+!

November Goals:

  1. Make pillowcases.  Yes!  Here.
  2. Quilt Pacific Stars.  Yes!  Here.
  3. Make Christmas throw.  Yes!  Here.
  4. Make fox baby quilt.  Yes!  Post coming soon.


As busy as December always is, these goals may be too ambitious, but we’ll see.  Sometimes I get in a lot of sewing late in the month after all the festivities.

December Goals:

  1. Cut scraps for Charlotte Hawke’s mystery quilt, Stars Over Fawn Lake (begins in January).
  2. Make blocks for Kat’s Nov/Dec Block Drive for Covered in Love.
  3. Make donation pillowcases for Case for Smiles.
  4. Make nautical baby quilt.


IMG_2249closeEnjoy December, whether you achieve all your goals or not!

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WIP Wednesday: Poinsettias

2017-11-08 12.11.34This week I’ve been working on these red poinsettia blocks.  This design is from Anne at Springleaf Studios.  In 2015 she hosted this Christmas Quilt-along, and I’ve had it on my list ever since.  Back in late 2014 I designed something similar, my Spring Violets quilt.  The units in my new project are 4.5″ instead of 3.5″, and the blocks finish at 16″.  I’m making a total of nine for this throw quilt.

Image result for eq8Also this week, I downloaded the update from EQ7 to EQ8.  (If you get it by Nov. 13, there is a discount.)  So far, so good.  I created a mock-up of this quilt on which I’m working (although I see I oriented the flowers differently!)  I can also, with a little fuss, access my old projects.

pointsettia quilt

Do you use EQ?  When did you start?  I came in on EQ2.  Later I had 4, and then 7 for many years.  I don’t use all the features, but I like to play with blocks and secondary patterns, and I love how it does the math for me!

IMG_2910And I’ve listed the Star Trek pillow cases in my Etsy Shop, if you need a gift.

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October/November Goals

October’s sewing didn’t really go according to plan, but it all got done and more.

October Goals:

  1. Make last month’s Pacific Stars blocks.  Yes!  
  2. Make this month’s Pacific Stars blocks.  Yes!  And I assembled the top, and pieced the back.
  3. Make commissioned flying geese quilt.  Yes!  And mailed it.
  4. Donate some quilts that are hanging around.  Yes!  I have two older quilts ready to send, one to Texas and one to California.  I took one to our local YMCA for our annual silent auction.

Bonus:  I made a quilt to send to Las Vegas.


I have no idea what November will bring, but I set some modest goals.

November Goals:

  1. Make pillowcases.
  2. Quilt Pacific Stars.
  3. Make Christmas throw.
  4. Make fox baby quilt.

I hope you’re enjoying all of your sewing and achieving most of your goals.


WIP Wednesday: All Quilted!

After pushing hard for a few days, I’ve finished quilting the flying geese quilt.

There are lots of straight lines from the walking foot, and then I added this pattern to fill in the negative space.  It’s from Shape by Shape by Angela Walters.

Trimming and binding tomorrow!


WIP Wednesday:  Back to the Geese

That last piece of fabric finally arrived, and I was able to complete the flying geese blocks for the custom quilt.  The top is all sewn together now.  Quilting tomorrow.

In the meantime, I finished the rainbow quilt, #quiltsforvegas.  The quilting is straight lines and ribbon candy.

And I made the backing for Pacific Stars, so it will be ready to quilt next.

I hope you’re making lots of progress on your projects!


WIP Wednesday:  Everything!

Everything is in progress, because I can’t finish anything!  I’m waiting on fabric to arrive in the mail.  One packet is fine and I’m sure it will be here soon and on time.  Another, special order, piece seems to be lost in the mail and I’ve started making inquiries.  That’s the one I need to finish up this commissioned quilt that is stuck on my design wall.  While waiting, I’ve made the back and the binding.

Still waiting, I made some string blocks and put together this #quiltforvegas top.  Here’s the post from the Las Vegas Modern Quilt Guild, calling for blocks and quilts.

Also, Quilts of Compassion is collecting quilts for Houston.

After I finished that top (backing is in the other package), I got out the Pacific Stars Mystery Quilt by Charlotte Scott (on Carol’s Quilts blog).  I’ve now completed all the blocks and am assembling the top.  It was mysterious until the end,  and I like it!

I hope you’re making progress and maybe actually completing something!