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WIP Wednesday

The Star Wars donation quilt is all finished and washed up.  I’ll take photos of it as soon as this wind dies down.  We didn’t get the snow (just a covering), but we did get the cold and the high winds.

Today I started on Clue 3 of the Surrounded by Scraps mystery quilt.  I made all twenty of these units, but there a couple more steps for the next few days.  

Hope you’re sewing every day this month for March-A-Long, and making lots of progress!


Sunday Stash Report: 3/12/17

In the two weeks since my last report, I finished the Orange Cabin-ish Quilt for 4.75 yards, and two sets of donation blocks that totaled 3.75 yards.  And no fabric was purchased!

This week:  + 0 yards,  – 8.50  yards
This year: + 38 yards,  – 51 yards
Net destashed added in 2017:  13 yards
Yesterday it was cold here, but nice and bright, and I was alone all day, so lots of sewing happened!

I’m linking up to the Stash Report at Patchwork Times. 

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WIP Wednesday

While I was cleaning out and refolding some fabric drawers, I came across the scraps from a couple of Star Wars quilts.  The 10.5″ square was already cut, and so were many of the 6.5″ squares.  I decided to use them up by making a quilt to donate.  Shouldn’t take long to get the rest of it together.

Hope you’re all safe from the severe weather going on.  Some of us are cozier than others!

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Design Wall Monday

Doing some staring and thinking about a direction for this top.  I will probably do some kind of cropping on the corners.

So far I’ve observed March-A-Long by doing something in my studio every day.  I made donation blocks, cut my scraps, packaged some blocks and quilts to mail, stared at my Storm at Sea top, and, yesterday and today, made some more heart blocks for HollyAnne.  March is one of those in-between months when progress can stall if we don’t make an effort.  My January was super productive, February not bad, but other things are starting to take my attention now, so we really need March-A-Long.  Darla has recorded some inspiration here.

I’m linking up March-A-Long at The scientific Quilter.


Finishing February, Setting Goals for March/April

picmonkey-collage-februaryI was successful at meeting my February goals, and brought my fabric usage into the black.

February Goals:

  1. Complete Clue #2 for Surrounded by Scraps.  Yes!
  2. Make blocks for HollyAnne at String and Story.  Yes, I made a dozen.
  3. Finish assembling top for Scrappy Stars Around the Corner (last year’s mystery quilt from Charlotte).  Yes.
  4. Quilt and bind SSAC (see above).  Yes!  Here.
  5. Take out my Storm at Sea (the Slow Quilt, photo at the top of this page) and make some decisions.  Yes, I took it out.  I’m still thinking about it.

Bonus:  I made this donation quilt.


I’m combining March and April for my next goals, because I’ll be traveling during the end of March and beginning of April.  I’ll lose a few weeks of sewing time, and I know I won’t making a report then.  Here’s what I’m thinking for these months:

March/April Goals:

  1. Make donation blocks for Kat’s Covered with Love.
  2. Clue 3 for Surrounded by Scraps.
  3. Finish the orange Cabins donation quilt.
  4. Storm at Sea Quilt:  Decide about cropping corners, finalize quilting plan, trim excess batting, sandwich, begin quilting.

Kat’s blocks are intriguing this time, and she’s allowing two months to make them.  Check them out!

Don’t forget that it’s time to March-A-Long with Darla, the Scientific Quilter.  Sew or prep or do something quilty for a few minutes every day in March!  I will while I’m home.


Design Wall Monday:  Another Cabin-ish Quilt

Here is the second of the background-inspired donation quilts.  It’s really just a framed square, but colored like a cabin.  This worked up a lot faster than the one from strings (although it didn’t help with my string problem!), and there was no trimming on the 54 blocks.

I’ve sewn the blocks in pairs, and I’ll probably get the whole top finished when I go back up to my lonely studio.

I’m linking up to Design Wall Monday at Patchwork Times. 


Log Cabin Finish

img_2811These aren’t traditional log cabin blocks.  The centers are large, and there are only two “logs” on each side.  They are only 7.5 inches square, and there are fifty-four of them.  The quilt came out 42″ by 63″, but that was before it was washed.  I didn’t piece these to a foundation, just started adding to the center squares.  That made it much easier to chain piece them.

img_2814The colors are inspired by both Spring, and the backing fabric.

img_2813I quilted this with Sulky white and Superior Living Colors pink thread.  The bottom thread is Bottom Line.  The batting is Warm and Plush.

img_2815This is going to Margaret’s Hope Chest for a program called A Mother’s Hope.